September 19, 2016

breakfasts in bed should be mandatory on Sunday mornings… just saying 🙈

here is one of my most simple yet nutritious, healthy favorite breakfast for your lazy Sunday weekend.

you’ll need:
• 8 oranges
• coffee
• soya milk
• 2 bananas
• 1 cup granola
• 1 cup jumbo oats
• 1 tsp of honey
• 2 plain yogurts
• cinnamon to sprinkle

you’ll need to do the following:
• start by squeezing the oranges and pop the juice in the fridge for some extra morning freshness
• have two bowls and start by adding one yogurt to each bowl.
• sprinkle the oats and the granola evenly and chop the bananas and spread them evenly too.
• be creative with your bowl! the way you arrange things will make you be happier about the food you’re about to have 🌟
• make your sweet lattes with some organic coffee and soya milk and… voilá.
• enjoy your lazy weekend in bed

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