September 23, 2016



it’s a late morning, meaning I’m more hungry than usual and don’t really know which clock is ticking so a brunch-style-eggs seemed like a good idea. easy, fresh and tasteful.

you’ll need:
• 2 slices of brown bread
• 3 eggs
• 2 tbsp of cottage cheese
• ½ cucumber
• ½ onion
• a bit of chopped parsley

you’ll prepare it like:
• start by mixing 1 egg yolk and 3 egg whites, stir it, add the onions and the parsley and mix well;
• put to stir fry with a bit of olive oil and wait for the pan to heat for 2 minutes, than add your mixture;
• keep mixing the eggs until they become fully scrambled and gold in color;
• put the bread in the toaster and let it be for a good 5 minutes – we want it well toasted!
• finely chop the cucumber and set it on the side;
• when the bread is done, spread he cottage cheese and then slowly add your scrambled eggs on top;
• sprinkle a bit of black pepper and Tabasco and then add your cucumber;
• sprinkle your extra parsley (if you have any) and add all the “leftovers” – as you can see I had some extra scrambled eggs and cucumber and … voilá!

all the love,

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