About Travel Foods

September 30, 2016

travel foods you can always find in my bag:

• fresh fruit: when I get to any destination, one of the first things I do is getting fresh fruit. usually bananas or apples because they’re easy to find and pretty much inexpensive anywhere in the world.

• granola or porridge: add hot water to porridge and some honey, or get some plain yogurt from the local supermarket and voila! your breakfast/ snack is done. (tip: see the fresh fruits I talked about earlier… make a great topping)

• grains: my personal favorites are chickpeas or roasted lentils. I pack these in little containers and off to the travel bag they go. I do this in case I pack some salad or get some salad in the supermarket to add more carbs… because I love carbs and technically carbs are life.

• fresh juice: being away from home also means being away from my juice blender so I tend to get some juice from the supermarket to make sure that’s the first thing that hits my tummy in the morning or before I go on a flight.

• packed greens: here you see a green salad (cucumber, green peppers, steamed broccoli and cauliflower) with some cottage cheese. by know you’ve figured how much I enjoy salads and fresh food in general so this is a must for me – take on a flight, keep chilled, take to the hotel and when the craving comes… attack!

why do I do this?
I know you can get pretty much all of this in your hotel or in any restaurant in the vicinity of where you might be staying but different cultures have different ways of preparing even this simple foods, so I do this pretty much to prevent disappointment, overly oiled food and overly salty food.

is this all I eat?
no. I love eating out! that’s pretty much where my money goes to… and being able to indulge myself in different cuisines and flavors around the world is such a blessing! this is the food I like to carry with me in case of midnight cravings and overcharged room service rates. (#truedat)

// I’m typing this while sitting in a bus sightseeing around Shanghai //

have a blessed Thursday y’all,
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