Vegan-Balls & Spiralized Squash

October 17, 2016

Let’s be honest – you probably craved pasta this week. So did I. But eating pasta all-day-every-day might not be the best of the ideas – I’m not complaining tho, for those who know me I’d eat pasta at any day, any given time.

For this recipe you’ll need either a squash or sweet potato and a spiralizer.

serves: 1

you’ll need:
• 1 butternut squash
• 1 set of green onion
• about 8/12 veggie balls – I got mine frozen from the supermarket
• 2 garlic clove
• 1 tbsp olive oil
• 4 tomatoes

you’ll prepare it like:
• pre-heat the oven at 180*C
• start by spiralizing your squash – and get ready to spend some time here as this is not the easiest task to make
• once this is done, add your squash to an oven-tray and add the olive oil along with the garlic – mix well and then pop in the oven with the veggie balls on a separate tray
• this should take you 20 to 25 minutes to cook, and in the meanwhile you can cut your green onion and work on the tomato sauce
• chop the tomatoes in little wedges and add to a pan with one garlic clove and a cup of water. keep stirring until it forms a consistent paste.
• take your squash out on the oven, place it to a nice place/ tray, open a little hole in the middle to add the tomato, and top up with the green onions and the veggie bowls and… voilá!

all the love,

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