take care of your health and of your hearts

November 6, 2016
Hey, everyone.
Or the one person reading this post. Hey.
Today I write about the importance of a clean lifestyle, especially for the one (like many of us) that are always on the go.
There are a couple of things that are life-changing when it comes to reaching a balanced full filling life.
I can’t stress enough and will keep endlessly preaching about the power of a good diet to change how we both experience and perceive life (wasn’t this a food blog after all). Not eating out as much or monitoring what you eat according to your needs and goals will affect your energy and wellbeing in general. So, how difficult can it be preparing one meal (one meal, guys!) ?
Water plays a big part in this whole wheel that is the healthy lifestyle. Let’s get real for a second. The human body is composed of 60% water, so water works as (quite literally) the fuel of the body. Making sure you drink at least 2L of water a day – in the form of water or vegetables – if your intake of vegetables is superior you don’t need to drink that much water, have you ever thought of that? – will help you maintain the balance of your body fluids. On top of that, it helps your skin, it helps your brain, your muscles, and your cravings.
Organization and time management skills everyone! In between your job, school, hobbies, relationships, friends, family, etc. I’ve realized that planning and visually organizing your life events, wants and needs in your phone, planner or notebook can be extremely relevant when it comes to preventing stress. Waking up in the morning (or in the evening… it happens) and just writing down what you have to do in a big nice plain sheet your paper will set your mind to accomplish these things instead of just having your thoughts strolling around your head. After this, get it done! Get it all done! Prevent this crisis, and again, your overall stress by doing.
Another tip would be clean up as you go. Not later, now. No one likes living or working in a messy environment, and cleaning as you go, as boring as it may sound will help you achieve it. Setting 10 easy minutes a day to clean – set an alarm for 10 minutes and turn on some music. Spend that time making your bed, putting away laundry, loading the dishwasher, vacuuming…
It goes hand in hand with what I wanted to share in the organization topic, but make sure to also schedule a rest day. The rest day includes your you-time, whatever you need to do for you to help you achieve a more balanced life – that might mean going to the gym, reading a book, making a face mask, going for a walk, attending a yoga class, getting your nails done, organizing your school/work supplies, preparing meals for the week, etc. Spend some quality time on yourself, as you would with the other relationships in your life. Discover what makes you most happy, what gets you excited, what keeps you going and make it a goal to do these things (at least!) once a week. The work and positivity we put out are way more important and meaningful than we give it credit for.
Take care of your hearts and of your health,
All the love,

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