Interview: Jaouad, The Fit Traveller

November 9, 2016
Hey, everyone!
We have interview day today, yei!
Jaouad is a very active runner and hiker in our crew community so (obviously!) I thought of bringing him to YUMEVERYDAY today with a small Q&A to help us all stay motivated! When it comes to coping with different time-zones while staying active, we can all take some tips right?
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Shall we start?
How you keep motivated?
I like to keep challenging myself by setting up new goals as I go on. With every challenge, comes a room for doubt. But I take it positively and let it fuels me to try harder and never give in to it!
Everyone will have their own ways of how to keep motivated. For some, it might mean finding a running partner, joining a running/fitness group or participating in races. I think that most importantly, you should enjoy what you’re doing!
What do you have was your pre and post meal?
My pre and post run meals will depend on which type of run I do. My nutrition plan is aimed to enhance my performance and not to lose weight so carbs is a big part of it in addition to hydration .
If anyone trying to use their runs for losing weight then the carbs intake and timing should be considered more seriously.
Pre-run meals:
Easy Short Runs: I train on empty stomach
Interval/hill/fartlek Run: Whole grain bread with Banana and Almond butter or oats with skimmed milk and fruits
Post-run meal: High Carb-Protein smoothie ( E.g Walnuts -Banana- strawberry- Greek yogurt)
How is it to be a runner while coping with different time zones?
I never looked at different time zones as a problem because change is a good thing! As Cabin Crew, we get to run in different weathers, routes and surfaces, which is not only good for us physically but also mentally.
With that being said, I do prepare ahead for that change. Once the roster/schedule is out , I set my workout plan for the next month. My typical plan will consist of Tempo Run, Interval Run, Short & Long Run and Cross-Training ( which will be either Hiking, Cycling or Gym).
I try to do most of my Short/Long runs (easy pace) while in layovers in addition to hiking. Once you are committed, being active in layovers will become an easy and natural thing to do .
— J.D
Thank you so much for sharing some of your tips with us, Jaouad!
Who are your favorite fitness Instagrammers?
How do you find motivation?
Let us know who we should interview next!
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