Experience Dubai: Barsalata

November 15, 2016

Hey, everyone!

Today I visited a little cozy, clean-cut restaurant called Barsalata for the first time and… oh, my!

If you ever think “oh, I wish I could cook healthier meals”, “but I just don’t have the time”, or you’re overall too lazy or too busy to cook (which is also okay), this might be a good place for you. It was around 12:30 when we sat down, enjoying the cool weather that is finally arriving. You can see delivery-boys coming in-and-out of this place an indication of how popular it is among office people.

We tried the falafel muffins (hands up for baked falafels), the kale chips (hi-five for non-oily), and the cheese toastie with some date and mustard dressing on the side that was just heavenly

For main, we had the Sweet Thai-Lime salad (vegan) with baby spinach, black quinoa, sugar snap peas, capsicum, avocado slices and fresh mango, and The Twenty salad (vegetarian) with literally 20 ingredients among black beans, coconut flakes, chickpeas or celery.

I was truly surprised with the portions of the salads – let’s be honest, vegan and vegetarian food served in restaurants tends not to be that fulfilling – but I couldn’t be more wrong. The freshness of the ingredients was delectable, and the fact that you can even make your own salad to satisfy your needs and likes gives me a bit of hope for healthy days out. Overall, Barsalata breaks this idea of healthy-boring food and elevates it to a great creative level. And if you’re still skeptic about the greens, don’t let yourself be fooled by salads – the menu is impressive. Also going through the website shows there has been thought given there for the experience of the customer.

Find Barsalata in Downtown Dubai or in the next Ripe Market, at Zabeel Park.

Browse through the images above for more yumminess!


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