How to Become Insanely Efficient at Creating Stuff

November 17, 2016

Hey, everyone!

Oh, creativity! The mother of all good things… good design, good copywriting, good clothing. In a world overwhelmed with content, it’s difficult to stay on track and create – every, single, day. I know I’m not the only creative mind in this world struggling with this sometimes, so I figured we should talk about this.

Hard work pays off – we all know that. But when it seems that all you do never seems to be enough… how do you keep going? Focus on what you’re doing. Not the outcome. If you put all your energy in what you’re doing at the moment, you’ll be able to produce your best at that stage. Think about all the goals you want to achieve and take a moment to understand that every single energy in your life should be going towards reaching that goal.

We are all aware of the living in the moment theory and the hippie-ness of it all. Now, nobody is asking you to move to a tent in the middle of the desert and start counting stars. Living in the moment also means that you should be enjoying all the activities that you’re doing to stay motivated to achieve the goal you’re seeking.

Even the actions you don’t enjoy doing much – cleaning your workspace, doing research, develop a new feature on your website – you’ll have to start enjoying in order to succeed. How’s that possible? Change your mindset. And that, for me, has been the key change to fully become motivated throughout.

And this brings me to my last topic and maybe most personal. We live in an era of so much noise, pattern and where success seems to happen overnight, sometimes is difficult to stand out. But just because you were not the first that doesn’t mean there’s any space for you. The cliché – Believe in yourself. Truly commit, to believe in your talent and capabilities. And then apply the necessary work to achieve what you’ve been wanting.

Here are some tips that helped me getting out stressed and back to my creative-bubble:

  • experience will make you better
  • it’s not about how much you sleep
  • you have to be willing to put in the work
  • make a playlist of songs that make you most productive
  • nourish your body with foods that make you feel your best
  • seek feedback
  • make lists – to-do lists, to study-lists, to-read lists, to-buy lists, …
  • build a routine that allows you to create everyday
  • write down every little thought that goes in your mind
  • allow yourself to make mistakes

I hope this helped you a little-bit or a litte-lot,

Thanks for reading.

All the love,


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