3 Important Articles to Start your Health Journey

January 3, 2017

Hey, guys!

You see. My food/ health journey goes far back. I remember being a young 17-year-old woman and my dad going on this health journey himself. He was overweight and decided that it was time to change. He went to the gym, he started to run and changed his diet. Our household switched to low-fat milk, oats instead of sugary cereal, whole-pasta, brown rice, low-fat cheese, more fruits, more veggies — overall, more wholesome meals.

In all honesty, my dad never tried to implement this “change” per say on any of us – we still ate donuts, and cake, and french fries – but surely witnessing it made me more aware of the importance of food in your optimal health.

So down bellow it’s a list of three easy-reads. In my humble opinion, a great way to start your understanding of the food industry and how you can (re)shape your life and the life of our planet by consuming the right types of food.

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